The Big Bad Bully!!

For my nephew Tre’ Qwan

A bully is something that a lot people have had to deal with in life. A bully is mean and condescending. They do things to you, or say things to you that try to make you feel bad about yourself.

But often times the reason someone bullies another person is because they have insecurities with themselves. And by picking out your flaws, they can divert attention away from their own.

Bullying has always been a problem, from grade school right into adulthood. There will always be a big bad bully you to face in life in some form. Whether it’s a person, A financial burden, a sickness or whatever the case may be.

But the only way to stop a bully is to stand up for yourself. And that doesn’t mean to beat them up or deal with things in physical manner. But you have to show them that their bullying tactics have no effect on you.

The bully’s power lies in the way you react. If they see that they are getting a reaction out of you then they know they hold some power over you. So they will continue to bully you because they feel they can over power you.

Self actualization is a big key to stopping the affect of a bully. If you are aware of who are as a person than the things a person says about you wont outweigh what you know about yourself.

Self confidence is what we need to teach more of. Because too often we are made to feel less than what we are by the hurtful things people say. But when you can look yourself in the mirror and be ok with you than no other opinion will matter.

But it’s a continuous process. We are constantly evolving everyday and you have to continue to build your self confidence.

It starts by waking up everyday and finding a way to be a better you. Encourage yourself. Tell yourself you are important and that you matter.

The best way to stop a bully, is to stop giving them power over how you feel about yourself.

So love yourself and never let what someone else says about you make you feel bad because you are important.

So if you are facing a bully right now my readers just know that, the only way to win is to fight the big bad bully back!!

Thank you for reading. Bullying is a very serious issue so if you know someone being bullied please reach out and encourage them today!!

-As Told By Val

But often


  1. Your nephew says thank you for writing this. Very well done. Bullying seems to be so exaggerated in this day and age, social media can be a major contributor to the bullying culture. I think it’s important for everyone to think about the way we treat each other, online and in real life.


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